African Genomic Medicine Training Initiative

Welcome to the African Genomic Medicine Training Initiative (AGMT) website.  This work was initiated  by a Working Group made up of volunteers from across the globe. This working group is made up of   Planning Team and supported by consultants.


  • Increased effectiveness of Health Care in Africa through the application of Genomic Medicine


What do we do?  

  • We design and develop Genomic Medicine training for African-based healthcare professionals.
  • Develop competency based Genomic Medicine curriculum for healthcare workers in Africa
  • Develop and implement flagship training courses based on the collaboratively developed curricula

Who is part of our team?

A network of global experts collaboratively design and implement training initiatives tailored for the African populations and health needs 

How do we operate?

  • We seek collaborations with existing bodies and leverage  freely available information.
  • We also seek to  increase engagement between researchers and healthcare workers to facilitate the realization of Genomic Medicine in Africa.

What can the AGMT do for me?

    • I am a Nurse?

We have a Genomic Medicine course scheduled to start in April 2017. Watch this website for application details.

    • I am not a nurse but I am a healthcare professional?

We plan to adapt the existing nursing training initiative for other healthcare workers in the near future.

    • I am a researcher in the Genomics and Genetics field?

We welcome researchers willing to be part of this initiative. We hold online monthly meetings.

    •  I am an expert in Education/Training?

We welcome education/training specialists willing to be part of this initiative. We hold monthly online meetings.

    • I am not an expert in any of the fields above but I am interested in knowing more?

We do not have a public education initiative as yet. However, we are affiliated to the mGenAfrica project – a public engagement initiative aimed at high school learners.