Module 1: Introductory Lecture


Name: Prof Raj Ramesar
Affiliation: University of Cape Town, Head of Pathology Department
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Raj Ramesar is Professor and Head of the Division of Human Genetics at the University of Cape Town. His academic activities include expanding genetic clinical services to a range of other disciplines and introducing genomic technologies into the research and service environment. He is co-principal investigator on the H3A ‘Schizophrenia in the Xhosa Population’ project. Raj is also involved with curriculum design for genomic medicine – in a way that it will be accessible to a wide audience, ranging from the lay public to nurses and general practitioners as well as specialist genomic researchers. Raj serves on the editorial board of several international journals and is the recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence, the international Human Genome Organisation’s Africa Award – and he was recently elected to the University of Cape Town’s College of Fellows.


This is an introductory session for this course, it aims to provide the participants with an overview of key areas in African genomics, human genetics and genetic variation. The history of Genomic Medicine, it’s relevance to Africa and implications to the nursing profession will also be covered. The lecture will draw from ongoing Genomics research and other relevant initiatives in Africa. Participants will introduce themselves and expectations and ground rules will be agreed upon.

Learning Outcomes

● Discuss the history of genomics, human genetics and variation
● Describe wider issues which might affect implementation of Genomic Medicine in Africa
● Explain the potential of Genomic Medicine for Africa’s health problems
● Identify nurses’ roles in Genomic Medicine
● Align expectations to course objectives and outcomes

Class Videos
Video 1 (needs editing before uploading)
Module1_Lesson1_Video2_ Introductory Lecture 1 Prof Raj Ramesar
Module1_Lesson1_Video3_ Introductory_Lecture_Prof Raj Ramesar

Class Slides
Module1_Lesson1_Slide1_Genomic Medicine for Nurses Prof R Ramesar
Module1_Lesson1_Slide2_Genomic Medicine for Nurses Prof R Ramesar
Module1_Lesson1_Slide3_Genomic Medicine for Nurses Prof R Ramesar
Module1_Lesson1_Slide4_Genomic Medicine for Nurses Prof R Ramesar

Assessments: Pre-class Exercise
Please bring an electronic picture of yourself to class (memory stick or send to the Facilitator before the class), you will load this photo onto Vula during the class session.
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Assessments: Exercise: Class
1. In pairs write down your motivation (why you are attending this course) and your expectations (what you think the course will address; also include the topic you are looking forward to the most and why).
Groups to report back to the class and summaries to be uploaded to Vula.
2. We invite you to introduce yourself on the My Profile page and share with the rest of the participants. We have included some questions prompt to assist you in completing your profile, don’t forget to share a picture of yourself so we know who you are.
Who am I? e.g. where are you from, any other etc. Anything that you are willing to share with others on the course.
Where do I work? e.g. the location where you work, add an image of your work setting if possible. Interesting things about yourself (any interesting fact about yourself which you are willing to share or even hobbies)

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Class Evaluation
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