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Checklist to host a training lab

  1. Do you have a training room which can accommodate 10-15 students?
  2. Is your training room available every Wednesday between 11 – 3 pm CAT (9-1pm GMT)
  3. Do you have at least one computer/laptop (with 4 Gram & i3 processor)
  4. a) with a stable internet connection (with Mozilla or Explorer installed)
  5. b) which can be connected to a projector (to screen videos & live discussions)
  6. c) which can be connected to speakers and a microphone for live discussions?
  7. Optional (would be great if you have other computers with internet access in the room)
  8. Do you have a facilitator who can be in the room with the students? (Facilitators will be expected to organize the contact sessions and act as teaching assistants for the trainers. (Brief training will be provided before the course starts)
  9. Do you have a system administrator to assist with technical support before and after the training starts and during sessions?

Application Deadline to host a training room: 31 March 2017

Course Objectives: The course will emphasize practical skills through problem-based learning and use of case-studies relevant to African genetic diseases and disorders such as Sickle Cell Disease, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Albinism etc. Topics include genetic counselling; inheritance of genetic disorders; community engagement and ethical conduct in genetic/genomics research.

Booking Classrooms:  Once a week (Wednesdays): 19 April – 7 August 2017; Time: 11AM – 3PM CAT/ 9AM – 1PM GMT (2 hrs will be for class contact sessions & 2hrs will be for free reading time or online searching).

Format of the training: The course will be delivered through online & distance learning. Facilitators and learners will access course content and trainers via video conferencing during weekly classes. Learners will also access course material via online channels.

Key Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course, learners should be able to:

  • Develop and implement a plan of care for patients that incorporates genetic and genomics information and is sensitive to individual and cultural preferences and norms.
  • Offer basic genetic counselling to patients and their families
  • Conduct genomics research that is ethical and appropriate to their context

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