National Institute of Agronomic Research, Morocco



Tell us something interesting about your institution INRA-Morocco is a century old public organization mandated to undertake research for agricultural development in Morocco. INRA has greatly contributed to the modernization of the agricultural sector and agro-systems, and to the improvement of the competitiveness of the country’s agriculture.

What are the main research interests of your institution? Plant breeding and Biotechnology, Agronomical, Ecological, Nutritional fields, Biometrics, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Bioinformatics

Class of 2016


What are the academic backgrounds of the participants? PhD student  – Bioinformatics /Biology / Informatics / Biotechnology

The INRA team



Fatima Gaboun

role for IBT_2016: classroom PI

Dr. Fatima Gaboun, is an agricultural Principal Chief engineer specialised in biometrics from the Agronomic Institute and Veterinary Hassan II Morocco and the Agricultural University of Gembloux Belgium. She obtained her PhD in bioinformatics. She joined National Institute for Agricultural Research INRA Morocco in 1990 as researcher in biometrics and Bioinformatics program overseeing developing bioinformatics platform. She is currently the head of the bioinformatics platform at INRA and she is implicated in development of an integrated information management system. Dr. Gaboun works on enhancing bioinformatics capacity and developing research on bioinformatics, challenged by the idea of working with next-generation sequencing data and developing genetic markers, doing assemblies, annotation and SNP-detection between and within cultivated plants. Her current research interests are focused on genotyping by sequencing (GBS) data analysis and SNP detection. She works also on identifying candidate genes involved in quality and in biotic and abiotic stress for many species (Wheat, Barley, Vitis, Date Palm…). Another focus is phylogenetics, with specific interests in the analysis of intraspecies genetic variation data and the evolution for drought and salt stress in cereals. She uses statistical models analysis for phenotypic, biological and genomic data, quantitative trait locus mapping, population genetic analysis and analysis of genetic association studies. She also collaborates with breeders and biotechnologists Plant through a number of research projects (INCO, KAFACI, GPC, Walonie, PRAD, ]PROFERD, AIEA, ARIMNet, NextGen, H3ABionet project, IWGSC). Furthermore, she is a member of the International Federation of Classification Society, Member of Moroccan Society of Bioinformatics SMBI and IWGSC. And she supervises Bachelor, Master, PhD students and trainees from different school and university.



Aicha Habach

role for IBT_2016: teaching assistant, system administrator

Ms. Aicha Habach is a Master student in plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics at the University Mohamed V and the National Institute for Agricultural Research of Rabat. Aicha has as subject graduation entitled “In Silico research genes of interest in Date Palm, functional annotation and development of molecular marker related to these genes”. Prior to beginning the Master program, Aicha completed her fundamental Licence in biodiversity and environment. Her subject was “Phylogeny methods: application to understand the evolution of goat breeds worldwide” using some bioinformatics tools, MrBayes and R code. She focuses on working in a challenging environment, developing skills and efforts, to explore and adapt herself in Bioinformatics field and contribute to the development of capacity building in Morocco. Ms. Aicha is interested in high-throughput analysis of genomic sequences (NGS) and genomics data analysis.

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