The Egyptian Center of Bioinformatics and Genomics, Zagazig University, Egypt



What are the main research interests of your institution? Drug Design, Synthetic Biology, Structural Biology, Infection Control, Neurogenomics , Systems Pharmacology



Class of 2016 Zagazig_class_of_2016

What are the academic backgrounds of the IBT_2016 participants in the ECBAG classroom?    Pharmacy, Medicine, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology,Genetics, Veternary

The ECBAG team



Omar Samir

role for IBT_2016: teaching assistant

I obtained my BSc degree in Biotechnology at the Misr University for Science and Technology in the year 2012. I am working as teaching assistance at faculty of Biotechnology, Misr University for Science and Technology. I am currently Master student. My research interests are genomic analysis, DNA-seq and RNA-seq analysis and data mining. My main interest is analysing data and extract knowledge from available experiment data.



Ali Kishk

role for IBT_2016: teaching assistant

After I got my BS in pharmaceutical science 2014, I focused to get in the wonderful science “Systems biology” from Online Courses. Since college, in the Faculty of the pharmacy Mansoura University, I was very interested in science communication and scientific research. I didn’t fulfill what I was hoping to in scientific research, but my obsession became to organize medical and clinical courses to the students by different lecturers. Turning to Online Courses ”MOOCs” and workshops in OMICs sciences, after I got my B.S. to link between biotechnology and the pharmaceutical science. I found this link in the field of Systems pharmacology in the Systems Biology specialization offered by Coursera. With my passion in science communication, I began blogging about the free online courses. My main interest lies in the field of Systems Pharmacology where I can find new pathways or new side-effects of a FDA-approved drugs without the 1.2-Billion-dollar system on clinical trials on a new drug.

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