Module 6: Protein Structure Bioinformatics




Ruben Cloete

Primary trainer

Affiliation: South African National Bioinformatics Institute, University of the Western Cape

Dr Ruben Cloete is a post doctoral research fellow at the South African National Bioinformatics Institute (SANBI) at the University of the Western Cape under supervision of Prof Alan Christoffels. His area of specialization includes Structural Bioinformatics focussing on predicting three-dimensional structures of proteins, peptides and RNA, as well as molecular dynamic simulation and docking studies to identify inhibitors of enzymes. These approaches he applied successfully to identify novel drug targets in the genome of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and drugs.



Rehab Ahmed


Affiliation: Centre for Bioinformatics, University of Khartoum (CBSB), H3ABioNet

I am a holder of first class honour degree B. Pharm from the University of Khartoum. In 2012 I was awarded a Master degree in Molecular Medicine from the Institute of Endemic Diseases (IEND), University of Khartoum and won a prize for having the best M.Sc. research project. Now I am a PhD student and my PhD study is revolving around understanding the nature of the host-pathogen interaction of Giardia and mining the relevant OMICS data for therapeutic targets. I am interested in protozoa and parasites in general, their lipid pathways, and their interaction with the host. The impact of the long term interaction in the host’s lipid/cholesterol pathways and profiles. My research also involve drug re-purposing, and drug development for parasites. I joined the Faculty of pharmacy, University of Khartoum as a TA in 2010. Since 2013 I became a lecturer of Microbiology. I have a good experience in structural bioinformatics, I know about many other bioinformatics areas including NGS and RNA-Seq analysis.