University of Khartoum, Center for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Class of 2017

4 participants, 33 participants

What are the academic backgrounds of the participants in your classroom?

Science (Zoology and Botany)

Agricultural Sciences


Medical laboratory


What are the main research interests of your institution?

Infectious diseases

Marine biology

Cancer genetics

Immunology and Immunogenetics

Plant pathology

Drug design and discovery

Structural biology

Animal behavior

Tell us something interesting about your institution?

The roots of the University of Khartoum (U of K) go back to 1898 when lord Kitchener of Khartoum proposed founding a college in memory of general Gordon.The college was upgraded in1951 to become Khartoum University college. The present University of Khartoum is a rest of natural transformation of the University college of Khartoum when the country became independent in 1956. The University include faculties of Agriculture, Arts, Law, Science, Engineering, Veterinary science and all the medical fields faculties. most of the notable alumni are Hassan al-Turabi (political leader), Abdalla Eltayeb (Scholar in the Arabic language) and Tayeb Salih (Novelist in Art and education).

Tell us something interesting about your city or country:

The Republic of Sudan is a country in Northern Africa. It was home to numerous ancient civilizations, such as the Kingdom of Kush, Kerma, Nobatia, Meroë and others, most of which flourished along the Nile. Different ethnic groups lives here i.e different cultures and tribes. The Blue and White Nile rivers meet in Khartoum (aka Almogran) to form the River Nile, which flows northwards through Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea.