University of Khartoum, Main Library

Class of 2017

4 staff members, 33 participants

What are the academic backgrounds of the participants in your classroom?

Genetics and molecular biology
Animal production
Veterinary medicine
Medical laboratory

What are the main research interests of your institution?

Infectious diseases
Molecular taxonomy
Human cancer
Animal biodiversity
Genetics Characterization
Tell us something interesting about your institution?

University of Khartoum is one of the historical institutions in Sudan it had been established in 1902 was known as Gardoon Memorial College. it considered a top rank universities in Sudan and occupied first position among universities. most of famous and leaders of country where graduated from it.

Tell us something interesting about your city or country?

Sudan is known for its diverse ethnics groups and cultures ,the great river Nile and even pyramids. Our society are very generous, helpful, kind and very beautiful. Khartoum is the capital of Sudan where the blue Nile and the white Nile are connected together to produce the great and longest river in the world the NILE