Covenant University

Class of 2017

5 staff members, 20 participants

What are the academic backgrounds of the participants in your classroom? molecular biology, computer science, biochemistry

What are the main research interests of your institution?

Anti-malaria drugs resistance mechanism,

Combined antimalarial drugs development,

Characterizing the malaria parasite transcription factors and their DNA binding sites using a holistic probabilistic framework,

3D Structures prediction and structures based drug discovery,

Computational identification of functional modules in Plasmodium falciparum,

Organisms inter-pathways analysis using the microarray data,

Insecticides design and development and recently; and

Human genetics.

Tell us something interesting about your institution?

Covenant University aims to:

Establish a vibrant Bioinformatics Research outfit with the capacity to support established Bio-medical institutes and companies, position itself to take part in the era of personalized medicine based on the robust biomedical databases that will be established at CU, and to produce effective three high tech products for the control and final eradication of malaria starting with Nigeria.

Tell us something interesting about your city or country? Nigeria is said to be the giant of Africa with an estimated population of over 180 million, thus making her to the most populous black nation on earth. Nigeria has more than 250 ethnic groups, however, there are 3 dominant tribes: The Ibo (Igbo), Hausa- Fulani and Yoruba which make up 18%, 29% and 21% respectively. Evidence from archaeological discoveries has shown that there was a history of human existence in Nigeria which has been dated to as far back as 9000 BC. The Nok civilization (around 500 BC-200 AD) is the earliest known civilization here. Nigeria boasts of being the most suitable habitat for the worlds largest diversity of the most colourful creatures the butterflies. It is widely believed that the areas surrounding Calabar, Cross River State in the southern part of the country harbours the world largest diversity of butterflies.