H3ABioNet’s Recommended Bioinformatics Curriculum




ARE YOU INTERESTED in setting up a bioinformatics degree program at your institution, with limited resources?

Download our degree program guideline document to see what H3ABioNet suggests: H3ABioNet degree program guidelines 2017


In the wake of the Gaborone Workshop (H3ABioNet / University of Botswana, March 11th-12th 2014), H3ABioNet decided to build a taskforce to develop a standard curriculum in bioinformatics.

This site is the repository for the  bioinformatics curricula outlines, produced and proposed by the Curriculum Development TaskForce (CDTF). The hope is that this curriculum will be used by institutions wanting to implement their own bioinformatics degree program.

The meeting minutes from initial meetings of the CDTF can be found on this website, here.

For any question relative to this website, please send an email to info(at)h3abionet.org