Category*ModuleSuggested contact hours
0Introduction to Molecular Biology for Programmers40 hours
0Introduction to Programming for Biologists40 hours
1Introduction to Linux and Shell Scripting40 hours
1Scientific Writing15 hours
1Ethics in Research10 hours
2Programming I80-100 hours
2Biostatistics I40 hours
2Databases I40 hours
3Sequence Analysis40 hours
3Biological Databases and Ontologies40 hours
4Genomics and Comparative Genomics40 hours

*Category 0-4 denotes the order in which these modules should be taught (category 5-6 are elective modules and may be viewed here). Students should take: at least one core (C) module from category 0; all core (C) modules from categories 1-4.

Please refer to the H3ABioNet’s guidelines for more information regarding setting up a degree program at your institution.