H3ABioNet Postgraduate workshop 2014 – Covenant University Bioinformatics Research Unit, Ota, Nigeria

The H3Africa initiative is aimed at studying the genomic and environmental determinants of disease in Africa. The goals of H3Africa are to enhance the necessary genomic expertise among African scientists and to encourage collaborations between African investigators by supporting infrastructure development and research projects.

H3ABioNet aims to create a sustainable African Bioinformatics Network to support and promote the development of bioinformatics capacity within Africa, by training the next generation of students in bioinformatics. To achieve this vision, H3ABioNet will be hosting a five week training workshop in bioinformatics aimed at students registered for a postgraduate academic degree in bioinformatics or a related discipline from the H3ABioNet Nodes and H3Africa projects from the 21st of April to the 26th of May 2014 at the Covenant University Bioinformatics Research (CUBRe) unit in Ota, Nigeria.

The H3ABioNet Postgraduate workshop is aimed at developing a core set of specialised skills amongst registered postgraduate students within H3ABioNet and H3Africa projects to provide them with practical training in a variety of introductory bioinformatics topics to complement their ongoing research and education and strengthen the bioinformatics capacity within their Node/group.

The H3ABioNet Postgraduate workshop will run over 5 weeks (6 days a week) and will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of a range of core bioinformatics modules which include:

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Python programming
  • Introduction to bioinformatics resources
  • Biostatistics and R
  • Database creation and data mining
  • Bioinformatics workflows and pipelines
  • Introduction to NGS tools and variant calling

H3ABioNet Postgraduate workshop objectives

The H3ABioNet 2014 Postgraduate workshop is aimed at providing post graduate students registered for an academic degree and are working on research projects with a significant component of bioinformatics with the necessary grounding in core bioinformatics topics. The H3ABioNet 2014 Postgraduate workshop aims to equip these individuals with the necessary skills to continue their ongoing bioinformatics education, further learn on topics that are of interest to them and apply the skills learnt to their academic research projects.

H3ABioNet Postgraduate workshop outline

The H3ABioNet 2014 Postgraduate workshop comprises a number of modules that will span a 5 week period and include both theoretical lectures and practical sessions for registered students to learn and develop their theoretical and practical skills and provide a foundation for participants to develop their bioinformatics knowledge. The timetable for the H3ABioNet 2014 Postgraduate workshop is provided below:

Name Topic taught Period Topic is Taught Dates for Topic being taught
Dr Oyelade and Mrs Itunuoluwa Isewon Introduction to linux and Python programing Week 1 21st April to 25th April
Shaun Aron Introduction to bioinformatics resources, Sequence alignment, and proteomics resources Week 2 28th April to 2nd  May
Dr. Jean-Baka Domelevo Entfellner Introduction to Biostatistics Week 3 5th May to 9th May
Takafumi Yamaguchi, Dr. Lawrence Heisler and Dr. Segun Fatumo Introduction to NGS Week 4 12th May to 16th May
Dr. Kais Ghedira, Dr. Amel Ghoulia and Dr. Segun Fatumo Databases, mining and analysis workflows / pipelines Week 5 19th May to 23rd May
Dr Oyelade and Mrs Itunuouwa Isewon Python programming for 3 hours every day Throughout the workshop 28th April to 24th May

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