Software Requirements (BioStats)

If you want to work from your laptop, the only (double) software requirement is that you please install on your machine before the beginning of the training the two following free or OpenSource pieces of software in the following order:
(1) R itself. Go to and follow the instructions to download it;
(2) the RStudio graphical user interface for R. Please go to and also follow instructions to download.

In case some of you would be comfortable with commandline environments (in other terms, conversant with UNIX and GNU/Linux systems), those can get out of the second requirement.

Both software are available free of charge for all UNIX and GNU/Linux platforms, as well as for Apple MacOSX and Microsoft Windows systems.

Please let me know if you come across any serious difficulty in getting these softwares installed on your machines, and I will help you (but at least first try to solve the problem by yourself, possibly using that huge knowledge base known as Internet :))

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